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Our Mission

Permanent Makeup is the fastest growing beauty trend and Fancy Faces is proud to present to you, our Academy training classes! You will be taught this in-demand skill by Giselle B., the owner of our company. With having serviced over 300 clients, she has developed a special technique that has helped her to consistently deliver the most unique & natural looking brows for each client.
We teach the most up to date techniques as well as the most current safety precautions. 

No need to worry about the unknown or being a beginner. All courses are made beginner friendly and give you enough knowledge to feel confident in moving forward. We provide full transparency on everything related to make sure you are on your way to 6 figures! 

We are serious about your success in the PMU industry so please be prepared to learn and focus on this lucrative skill.



Aside from great results Fancy Faces Academy courses are built on the following benefits:

Beauty Industry Rise

Since the pandemic of 2020, cosmetic services have dominated the beauty industry. This is a 93 billion dollar industry, with proper education and caring mentorship, you too can be apart of that! 

Ongoing Support

Each educational event of Fancy Faces Academy forms a long lasting relationship. Our team is available for any of your questions before, during and after the course.

Transparency and Honesty

Everything we know, you know. The good, bad and ugly. This course sets you up for success without having to go through too many failures.

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Training Formats

Our permanent makeup courses include an online component to go along with our in-person training. The online portion is available to you whenever.

2 Day Microblading for Beginners

2 Day Microblading/ Shading for Beginners

1 Day Advanced Microblading/Shading


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Just wanted to Thank you so much for such a lovely experience With you ! 

I really enjoyed my time in your class, you were so hospitable and I was super comfortable learning from you, you took your time with us and I didn’t leave with any questions or doubt

I love that you were so detailed and I felt at ease and confident with all the information you provided. 

I LOVEE the kit you provided, I could see you put a genuine effort in providing us with the proper tools to win, you gave more than enough materials to get started and you did not skimp out on the quality you’re a real one for that ! 

Overall it was a fun experience and I can’t wait to put my newly learned skills into practice ! 

Jeanine B.

Giselle is so talented and professional. 
I’m so glad I decided to sign up for her microblading course. She made us feel super comfortable! You can tell that she’s really passionate about her craft and that made the whole experience even better. 
On day one she went over theory, aftercare, pigments, safety and hygiene, needles and types of skin. We also learned about strokes and got to practice right next to her - this was a game changer since she was able to correct my mistakes on the spot! 
On day two she worked on a live model and walked us through EVERY step again. She was super professional and the model was extremely happy with the results.
It was such a great experience and I can’t wait for her next course. - and I’m definitely getting my eyebrows done with her too!

Ana S.