The aftercare is pretty simple and will yield great results as long as you follow these rules. A healing kit will be provided the day of appointment. 

Day of Appointment: 

Your healing kit will come with sterile wipes. You'll use these sterile wipes to dab off any lymph the first day. That may be as frequent as every 30-45 minutes. 

Also, apply a very thin breathable layer or Healing Balm. A rice grain amount or less for both brows should be enough. 

Day 2 & 3: 

You can stop dabbing your brows with the wipes now but continue to apply the healing balm every few hours at least 4 times a day for both days. 

Your brows should not appear glossy. The Healing Balm is for a very small amount of moisture. 

Continue to use the healing balm for 10 days post treatment, applying less throughout the day. 


-You cannot wet your brows for the first 10 days. Avoid hot showers to avoid too much moisture in the air. 

-No exercising for 10 days. No sweating. 

-No direct sun exposure.

-No makeup or product on your brows for 7 days. 

-Do not pick, scratch, or peel the healing area. 

-No facials, Botox, chemical treatments and microdermabrasion for 4 weeks. 

-Avoid using anti-aging cream, acne products in brow area. 

After 10 days, wearing SPF will avoid premature fading. 

Please inquire about the ingredients of healing balm if interested. 


Healing Process

Day 1-5: They get darker as the skin begins to heal.

Day 5-10: They itch and are scabbing a bit.

Day 10-15: The color begins to fade and they look like they're gone.

Day 15-30: Your brows are back, some strokes may have faded more than others.

Touch Up Day: You're going to LOVE your brows!

Following aftercare carefully will give you the best possible results and longer lasting brows!

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